QOD 3/15/2006 Appliances

the cooking top to an unprotected combustible construction.

Hypothetical one on this, I rented an apartment in an old building once that had a painted wood cabinet unprotected about 20 inches above the stove, how would you write this up and would you reccomend covering the bottom edge with some sort of metal as protection or moving the cabinet, in this case the low ceilings would have prevented moving it up…there were a lot of things about that place that weren’t quite right…but hey, i was young and broke as apposed to old and broke and living beyond my means now! :smiley:

Combustible Construction???

I am use to seeing a fire rating on items – like everything is combustible

If a combustible is shielded by a non combustible does it count??

Greg in short this is an area where I have NO idea of the answer and or how to find it and how we should read it in the field



Richard…look at IRC M1901.1