QOD 3/9/2006 Plumbing

Good Morning

Tubing= Pipe

whats the tell tale way to identify it…??

A) it’s square
B) it’s never strait
C) it’s covered by the foundation/slab
D) it’s double walled

pick the 2 best answers.

The correct answer is B.

Type K is for underground use.
Type L is for indoor plumbing.
Type M is lighter and thinner, it is also used indoors.
Type DWV is used for drain, waste and vent piping.

Type M is used for heat systems

any of them (exept dwv) can be used for heat. pottable water should be “L” because of p.s.i… heat sys. usualy run at 12-20 p.s.i., and pottable at 40-60 p.s.i. working preasure and (code max) 80p.s.i. static… or so i’ve been told. not trying to be a know it all, just pointing out that type M isn’t the only type usable for heat, it’s less expensive, and meets the requirements, and your right it’s “usualy” your typical heat pipe.

Jay as soon as I can find it I will post it, about what a overheated system does to type L pipe.

o.k. cool. i’ve read it both ways, and seen it both ways, i’d like to see your reference. by the way, hows business?? i see we’re competition, i like that. what’s you area?