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Well who knows the answer? Please wait at least one day before posting the answer if you do know it. :smiley:

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I had to look it up myself Kevin… I got it from an old friend that is no longer with us.

But if you want to get a discussion going I am all for that.

I can’t find the info however I do remember the date of 1958, then in 1961 the gfci was invented and then perfected in 1965. How did I do!

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Question: During which decade were 3 prong (grounded outlets) **first required?

**Not when they were invented, or first put into use.

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I can remember installing plugs in 1955 ++ .The got the ground from The pipe or the BX or the Aluminum sheath .
We did not hook up a grnd wire . The plugs had two outlets one was a two wire and the other was the old Crows ft receptacle

Yes I did respond to the survey of 1950 but Brian said to expand on it so I did.

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Got a lot of answers, not many correct ones

I don’t recall seeing 3 prong recepticals until the mid 1970’s (I’m an old guy! :slight_smile: ) so I voted for 1970.

Canada, may be different Chris, I do not know. Perhaps a Canadian Member will be able to find a definitive answer for us.

I will try to track it down but I don’t know if anyone has closer than Roy’s answer

I’ll stick with the 1970’s :slight_smile: The NEC (USA) required them to be installed in homes starting Jan. 1, 1974. I don’t think Canada would have started ahead of the US. :-k I’ve just started using a “Loonie” instead of a Penny in my fusebox so I can run my dryer. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Does the question relate to requirements for All residential outlets, or at a specific location?

I still get 1965 for polarization and ground. I don’t know if it was required in the NEC.
1958 may be when they first were installed but not required, maybe I am confused as to two parts of the question 3 prong and grounded.

The answer will probably come out in the wash…:wink: