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. I decided to be polite but firm about the photoelectric eye bypass. (My naturally tactless inclination was to say, “hey…wonderful job, a**hole”). So, I said something like, “this is a neat installation, but a critical safety feature has been defeated as a result of the installation, and we’re definitely going to recommend that the photoelectric eyes be re-installed at the proper height on the roller tracks, per the manufacturer’s specification(s).”

The home seller was seriously offended. He felt he'd done a neat, workmanlike job, and didn't understand what my problem was with the installation. I managed to avoid releasing the tactless monster (God only knows how), and, in front of the home seller and our client, demonstrated the closing force on the 16' insulated metal door (approximate weight...400+ lbs, maybe 5-600 lbs???). As it happened, the fine Craftsman operator closing tuner was set on +9. Our client was horrified, (understandably, since he had three children, ages 8, 6 and 2.) Home seller was definitely angry with me.

C'est la vie.

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