QOD for 1/11/2006 manufactured homes

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Here’s todays question

(sorry Brian it’s another mobile one ;-))




whooo close one


a 3 way split, guess I got people thinking today :wink:


flat tires?

These QOD’s are interesting… fun… however… is there someplace that the correct answer is identified for those (including me) who would like to verify their knowledge, thus expanding our knowledge reliably?

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Fine Gerry:) . Can you make the pictures any smaller?:wink:

Typically the answer will be posted once the dialoge has ceased or when the dialoge wanders around. However, not all of them are answered each and every time. After all, there is not a full time person doing them. Well Aimee was, but even then it wasn’t her full time job with NACHI. So for the time being, we are stuck with Gerry and his mobile/manufactured home fetish.:p:p:p

One other thought, you can always check back and see the results as they will usually be skewed in favor of the correct answer. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Gerry’s questions, as some of the answers are really close. Just goes to show how much is yet to be learned.

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Thanks for the info Andrew … :slight_smile:


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everyone deserves one good fetish :mrgreen:

secondly, did you learn anything from these that you didn’t know before :wink:

We’ll get back to regular homes next weekend



I like the questions on MH’s Gerry. It’s a subject that is not well taught in most HI schools and I bet alot of people (including myself ) are learning from them.:smiley:

try clicking on the “thumbnail” and watch some modern slide of hand.:mrgreen:

This is a good one. It has me teatering between two answers. I hope I chose the correct one.

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The correct answer to this question is:


The big give away in the picture is the fact that the piers are bolted to the chassis rails and also bolted to the footings.

The biggest problems with manufactured housing in siesmic areas is that the strucutre tends to get “shaken” of its piers and suffers substantial damage as a result.



I finaly got one Gerry.:slight_smile:


Cool, well done, I guess I gotta start making them harder then :smiley:



That’s what I thought… I was wondering is they install them with shock absorbers??? This is a real question, not a joke question.


Yes I did learn something from each and every question. A couple I was able to guess correctly, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about my lack of true knowledge.

Like Todd says, MH inspection training isn’t too high on the priority list for HI schools, unless as a separate CE type course, so these questions are great.