QOD for 1/20//07 (Informational)

A NACHI members ID number reads as follows:


What is this members join date?

xth of xxxxxxxxxxxx and 2nd person to join that date

Roy Cooke… sorry I had my answer in before the pole

I Oops’ed, I clicked on the wrong one.

Roy, that is not true. The numbering jumps around. Some times they start in the 90’s or the 80’s and you never see any 01’s or 10’s. They have a more random starting point. :mrgreen:

Answer: November 4th, 2006

The first two numbers represent the year.
The third and fourth numbers represent the month.
and the fifth and sixth numbers represent the day.

The last two digits normally represent the position in which you signed up on that particular day. In this instance the member was the second one to sign up on November 4th, 2006. I say normally because there are some ID #'s that were rare and unusual. NACHI lost some of our data base and numbers and a considerable sized group was all reentered over several days. That was a couple of years ago.