QOD for 1/23/07 (Fun and Informational)

The earliest documented sets of building codes was established circa:
A. 1760 BC
B. 1775 AD
C. 1810 AD
D. 1890 AD

Would that be the code of Hammurabi?

Hmmm…the penalty :shock: for inept building was pretty stiff as I recall.

I think I helped write it but can not remember for sure if I did or not . Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.?
I think some guy by named Jae helped Have to ask him to be sure

Roy Cooke

Jae, I’m pretty sure Roy is saying that you are as old as sin. :mrgreen:

Fact…but I’m a year younger than Roy.

wave Hi, Roy…:wink: :wink:

Rogers??? :smiley:


1760BC is correct.

Enjoy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_of_Hammurabi

What a genius.