QOD for 1/27/2006 commercial

Hi to all,

Here’s todays question




SPF=== Sun Protection Factor…;-):mrgreen:


Can we choose more than one???:mrgreen:

Is ther a person who gives the answers??

Or does Gerry just pull these out of his arse, without knowing the answer? :p:p:p

No Gerry, I have not been drinking, but I feel the urge>>>>> off to my meeting.:cool:

Hey Todd,

In order

  1. Yes
  2. Sometimes (interchangable with above answer)
  3. Good :mrgreen:




Funny thing happened; after the meeting a bunch of us went out for drinks.

**STARBUCKS>>>>> **$5 bucks for one damn cup of frozen coffee:shock::shock:

Now that will make you switch back to beer. LOL

Damn, maybe that 5 bucks was well spent.

I feel like I just woke up.:shock::shock:

How much caffine is in a 24 oz frappichino???

Well lets see… 24oz / 4,67 * 3.031 { 45.4 * 56.72}
@ 17% = a great much :mrgreen:

you forgot to “carry the 3…”

Hi to all,

the correct answer to this is:

*Sprayed Polyurethane Foam

  • BTW: did you know? SPF should be sprayed in 3 “lifts” of 1/2" per lift