QOD for 1/30/2006 commercial

Hi to all

Here’s todays question





By golly I believe I got it skipper. :wink:

Scupper, Skipper?

Don’t let me be the only one who had to look up PARAPET in the dictionary!!!

don’t worry, your not.:roll:

I think that question will be on the NHIE…and my course told me what it was…not that I’ll ever need that information ever again…sigh.

Jay had to look up dictionary.:stuck_out_tongue:

Scupper: a hole in a ship’s side to drain water from the deck. So, obviously, this is not a scupper, ha!

What do I win Gerry?

scuppers are drain holes in the parapet wall…

WOW…is that question a year old or a DATE mess up…:slight_smile: