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Something a little different today :wink:

I have a few copies of Keith Swifts’ 1st edition “Manual for a Happy Home” in my private stash, see the new version and a great offer here

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Ok, now I’ve done the “Now a word from our sponsors bit” :mrgreen: here’s what you have to do to win a copy.

Please study the images below and write a report style narative noting the problem(s) and if possible the cause :shock: please post your response in this thread. Keith and I will pick a winner next Monday.

BTW, sorry I forgot to add some information about the roof & coverings :frowning:

  • Home single storey build in 1978
  • Property located in Florida
  • Roof structure: 1/2 ply over trusses
  • Ventilation at eave and ridge
  • Covering replaced in 1993 with 30 year shingle

Good luck!!


S5000384 (Small).JPG

S5000386 (Small).JPG

S5000385 (Small).JPG

Cracking and excessive loss of granules was noted on the roof covering. This may be due to a manufacturers defect, improper attic ventilation or other cause. This will likely result in shortened life expectancy of the roof covering. Recommend evaluation and remediation as advised by a qualified roofing contractor.

NOTED :excessive cracking and granular loss as well as some some lifting and possible moisture intrusion.
Recommendations:as to why the shingles are failing is beyond the scope of this inspection, please check and see if it is still under a manufactures warranty,also a qualified roofing contractor should be called for further examination, I would also recommend a Infra Red Scan buy a certified themographer for possible moisture intrusion.

Looks good from here, no defects noted on the concrete tile roof. May I have referral please?

PS I can not do better than Ralph or Dennis. :smiley:

Too funny mate, BTW you won’t be getting a book :wink:

Ralph & Dennis have done real well with their comments, but the competition will run for a few days, lets see if anyone can come up with the definative report comment.



What about the referral Matey?:smiley:

Poetic license reporting

This roof be shot
The house is going to pot
Call for repair
Homeowner despairs
I’ve done my job
Why the angry MOB

This roof needs to be evaluated by a qualified roofing company as shingles are defective with cracking and much granule loss. Also noted was that the protective aluminum edging at the edge of the wood sheathing was not installed correctly along with not enough gutter nails. Check for permits on this installation as the roof appears to be less then a four on twelve pitch therefore needing two layers of underlayment installed for correct moisture protection.

Hi to all,

we had some great entries, and I nearly awarded the prize to Barry for:

However Sanity (kinda) prevails (sometimes) and i really think that Ralph’s initial post set a very high standard, it’s short and concise.

well done Ralph. :smiley:

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