QOD for 2/19/2006 Appliances

Since there have been some intersting topics on appliances lately I thought some QOD would be in order.

Hey Greg,

Play nice you know us Europeans need it in Celsius



Hmmmmm. Damned if I know. I guessed at the second answer. 8-

Just how cold do you want your drink :twisted:

lol…I dont do fridges…lol…or freezers in my inspections…DANG…I could charge extra for that…

They refridgerate food in Europe?:stuck_out_tongue:


I might have to return my brand new KitchenAid refrigerator.

It allows me to set the temperature of the freezer from 0°-5°F.

I’ve already found that 0° freezes the ice cream and margarita pies too hard, waaaaaay too hard. Never thought that a mere 5°F could make such a difference.

And what about the refrigerator section?

I can set the temperature there from 33°-41°F.

33°F causes the stuff on the very top shelf to freeze. I guess the cooling elements are up there in the top of the refrigerator.

41°F causes the margaritas to be too warm. However, the ice maker and the ice crusher solve that problem. But then what to do with the Karl Strauss beer? it also is too warm at 41°, and ice in beer just doesn’t cut it.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the official NACHI answer so that I can inform KitchenAid and, perhaps, negotiate a refund or a longer warranty. :smiley:

Sorry to hear of your problem Russel. I hope that they make it right.

food yes, beer no :D:D


The correct answer is 34-38 and 0 degrees F.

As Russel pointed out not all manufacturers are going to always have the same numbers. Another example would be (what is the minimum outside temperature for running the ac system). Not all manufactures agree on the same number for that.

Yeah! That was my answer. KitchenAid’s help notwithstanding, I am so proud of myself. I shall have to reward myself. And you know what kind of a reward I give myself when I’m right, right?