QOD for 3/04/2007 (plumbing)

Hi to all,

here’s todays question.



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Plubing S traps cause the ESOP to loose ther minds and start to suck gas from Frank currios Brain witch will cause complete destruction of the system resulting in catastrofic faillure of the intire system. Which will obviously cause ASHI’ism resulting in less cash more bills and far more Busharts. It is in all of our best interest to destroy the Carrios, and the Busharts or we might very well find ourselfs in the hands of Joe ( I hate myself) Farsetta) Just kidding Joe. LOL

Crap, I can not delete this!!!

You have to wonder what it might be like to read one of this guy’s reports.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I do not think most people have that much time before the sale closes. Roy

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