QOD for 4/5/06

Resizing may make the picture unclear, but it is the best I can do.

Steps not uniform.jpg

I see a definite tripping hazard there. The height of each step, going up or down, is not equal - thus providing a surprise to the individual. It does not appear that the step is anchored to the floor or the wall, so there is a degree of instability there. A short deck “may” be a better answer to the situation. A hand rail or hand grab may be of some help, also. The shoes are also a hazard on that step. It’s a dangerous situation that needs attention.
George Maher
Home - Safe Home, LLC
Fargo, ND

It’s difficult to determine riser uniformity from the picture so I’m going with (d). Then again, I can’t tell that from the picture either.

a. Don’t need a handrail.
b. Uniformity of the steps tough to determine and I really don’t see it as a huge issue with only the single intermediate step.
c. Shoes likely not attached and not part of the purchase.
d. Steps may be secured (I’ve tried kicking at the photo with no result).

so…I’m going with…
e. Boxes on chest freezer make ice cream not readily accessible for inspection.

I usually try to answer seriously, but on this one I just had to choose C.

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled the MLS sheet for a house we were to inspect. Under “Special Instructions” was “Remove shoes before entering house.”

When we got there, we could not get into the house from the main entrance, the rear entrance, or the garage entrance because there was a Imelda-Marcos-collection of shoes at each entrance. Knowing the cost of shoes nowadays, I wasn’t about to touch any of them only to be blamed for damaging the $249 pair of autographed Air Jordans.

Fortunately the seller’s Realtor was there and cleared some little pathways for us to go in and out. I did notice that after I stated my concerns about moving the shoes, she was very, very, very, very careful herself in gently re-locating shoes. I bet the sellers never knew that she moved any of the shoes.

i buy little tyvec booties that go over my boots. sold at any painting supply store, sherwin williams, benjamin moore, etc. about $1 a pair and it shows that i am carefull and respectfull, especialy if they have nice floors and were in the “mud season”.