QOD for 5/5/06

Hi to all,

Here’s todays question, picture courtesy Dave “what codes” Bush



Improperdrainpipe (Small).jpg

SNAP…Pictures dont to it justice…I got it wrong…thehehehe

How do you know you got it wrong if you can’t tell what it is from the picture…??:wink:
:wink: :wink:

If you called it anything other than _______, you got it wrong. :cool:

lol…Because the MAN who posted the question chatted with me and I said what I thought it was…and SNAP…I was wrong…:slight_smile:

A certain ITEM on the image threw me…it MAY just not be what you THINK you are seeing…lol…

Looks like there’s just enough room (headspace) in that crawl to get your teeth around the pipe for a quick bite. If you leave a nice set of tooth marks on the pipe, you’ll know what it’s made-of.


lol…BUT that is where this image fools ya…OK GERRY…reveal the nature of this question…



Lead would be correct

I thought the original poster answered these??