QOD for 6/1/06 Plumbing

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I wish my kitchen was on a nice tropical island…:smiley:

In my state …yes

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Dan, in most areas the answer would be no

and yes the answer is code based IRC 3112.1 and UPC 909.0

The issue being one of venting



Yay - I’m one of only 5 people that knew the correct answer! And I knew the reason was insufficient venting…

P3112.1. Kitchen sinks with a dishwasher waste connection, a food waste grinder, or both, in combination with the kitchen sink waste, shall be permitted to be vented in accordance with this section (Island Fixture Venting).
Wouldn’t that mean “yes”.


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I will do some further research on this issue as the IRC full text appears to contradict itself on this issue.

I’ll get back to you.



It is permitted, just like is says in 3112.1.:slight_smile:

I was going to post and ask Gerry to clarify this one but after looking at the code section and reading the question it would seem that if a DW is in an island then there had better be a sink as well. The question only asks if a DW is allowed so I thought he was being tricky and not to assume a sink was present. So in that case DW’s are not allowed as noted in the first sentence of 3112.1.

As I read the second half of 3112.1, it seems to be addressing kitchen sink island venting only. Take out everything after “kitchen sinks” and up to the comma after “waste” and you end up with “Kitchen sinks shall be permitted to be vented in accordance with this section.” I think all the other gobbledy gook is just to be sure that the island sink is the true kitchen sink and not one used simply for food prep.

So all in all I think a DW by itself would not be “up to code” but one with a kitchen sink would be just fine since the venting would be there.

So everyone is correct…or incorrect…or not…

Well kinda yes and No

It was a bad question with an incomplete answer



lol…Gotta Love Those…:slight_smile:

Thanks Paul, I write around 800 questions per year one way and another I hope I’m allowed to get it wrong now and again.



The question was fine and the answer is yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now perhaps your next more carefully worded question will have a different answer.:wink:



OH YES…you are most certainly allowed my brother…You do a WONDEFUL job…like I said many times…questions can be funny sometimes but you have a NACK for getting good ones…:slight_smile:

No reason it cannot be in the island, if the drain goes to the kitchen sink.

I could find no prohibition on the distance of the discharge hose, code or manufacturer.