QOD for 9/25/08

Hi to all,

Here’s todays question



Pretty cooney with your poll there Coon.

Marcel :):smiley:

Pretty cooney indeed.

I’ll take that to be a compliment Marcel, and I’ll explain why later :wink:



Lead Water Mains and Supply Headers to homes are quite common to this area of Chester County, PA.

never seen a cast iron one though…

Only for hot water. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure they are Joe, that’s why that answer is 2nd rather than last :wink:



In Richmond,VA nearly 80% I would venture to say have lead supply lines. We had a program in place to replace them but as with most big cities…it got gobbled up somewhere.

would not or should not…

I read the question wrong at first…! :wink:

I bet quite a few did the same Jeff :mrgreen: that was the point of the question :wink:

What I have always tried to do with the QOD is not just to let people click an answer and see how smart (or not) they are, I use the QOD to try to help those who have to pass exams NHIE, ICC, whatever it doesn’t matter.

This question illustrates why you should read the whole question and all the available answers at least twice before checking an answer, good questions commonly have 2 answers that could be correct, the trick is knowing which is the BEST answer.

The correct answer to this question is D. Cast Iron, all of the others have been commonly used for potable water, Ok we now know lead isn’t such a smart choice :wink:

If anyone feels cheated by this question, yes you were!! now read them fully next time :stuck_out_tongue:



Very coony Gerry.

Nice job.

I didn’t feel cheated at all.

Taken apart all four at one point in life and know which ones are what.

That was a good QOD.

Thanks and let us see another one. ha. ha. :):smiley:


very crafty… I’ll pay more attention on a test… :roll:

Many houses here have cast iron

I see galvanized steel but never seen galvanized iron. Where do you guys see galvanized iron pipes used as supply piping?

Yeah, you right Kent, technically it’s steel not iron



I very much doubt they have it on the Supply lines, got a picture?



Figure if speech most likely Kenton.

Iron was normally used and still is on some fittings.

Mallable fittings, used to bust them up with a sledge hammer in demolition.

Marcel :):smiley:

I don’t feel cheated, I like your question and answer formula. I’m surprised so many missed it, especially plastic.