QOD For W/E 07-30-11 #1

Continuing with some old easy exam questions on Heating …

The enclosed passageway through which smoke and other gasses from combustion move upward is known as the:

The correct answer is …

A. flue

Note that a chimney is “A structure containing one or more flues for removing gases to the outside atmosphere” … http://www.nachi.org/glossary/c.htm

Chimney would be correct for early century double brick construction with no flue.
Although that type construction is antiquated by today’s standard. :mrgreen::wink:

Correct ;-):smiley:
That is why when people say will this meet code. I say which one.

Actually the chimney would still technically be the structure, and the passageway formed by the bricks would be the flue … although it would be an unlined passageway … :wink:

Check the IRC definitions for “chimney” and “flue”

I am well aware of the technical definitions. :slight_smile:

So thats why the correct answer for the “passageway” would be … A. flue … :wink:

I know, that is what I voted on. Doesn’t dismiss the fact that chimneys with no flue actually had a brick flue. :mrgreen:

I think ya meant that a chimney with no “flue liner” actually has a flue formed by the bricks … :mrgreen:

But the “passageway” formed by the bricks is still the flue, and the brick structure is still called the chimney … :wink: