QOD for W/E 09-18-11 #1

Continuing with some old easy exam questions for Cooling …

**Concerning a cooling system, a home inspector does not need to:

I am surprised how few seem to have the courage to answer the questions … Roy

Maybe because there are 2 correct answers.

I am only seeing one correct answer. I might be wrong though. :):wink:


determine cooling adequacy

The inspector is not required to:
[li]determine the uniformity, temperature, flow, balance, distribution, size, capacity, BTU, or supply adequacy of the cooling system.[/li][li]inspect window units, through-wall units, or electronic air filters.[/li][/LIST]Well, according to the SOP, you might be right, but if you are going to inspect the cooling capacity, shouldn’t make a difference if it is outside or in a wall or window.

The inspector shall inspect:
[li]the central cooling equipment using normal operating controls.[/li][/LIST]On the last Commercial Inspection I did, the first question asked of the Client was, did the wall AC units work?
Luckily I had checked both of them and reported on their condition. :):smiley:

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. I find it sad to see effort out forward to help all learn or confirm their knowledge .and so few vote… Roy

I guess they already know the answer and don’t want to share their opinions Roy. ;):slight_smile:

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Or I wonder are the nervous they do not know the answer . I see questions asked by some who are doing a lot of inspections that Make me wonder how much knowledge do they have …
More help more education ,more questions with answers help us all .
Good discussion is great discussion ,Unfortunately some like to attack and ridicule others too often and this tends to stop others from asking or posting their thoughts .
It looks to me like many stay away from helping others because of constant mean attacks .
I have learned a lot from this Forum and I try to help others when I can.
Marcel you also are one of those who give and give some more .
I thank you and many others who do the same .
We have lots who have just given up and moved on ,so sad to loose these who have so much Experience .
Thanks… Roy

I remain optomistic that they will remain or come back Roy and disregard the attacks that some do desire to inflict onthers. :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to argue here. But according to the residential SOP an inspector is not required to do either.

I too wish more would participate and also appreciate Robert volunteering his time.

This was a sticky one, but I posted it as it was written anyway

The correct answer (or answers) actually depends on what the Standards of Practice in your area require. Most SOP’s do not exclude thru-wall cooling units, since they are considered fixed-in-place equipment, in which case the correct answer would be that you are not required to … C. determine cooling adequacy

However some SOP’s (e.g. NACHI’s latest version) exclude thru-wall units, which can be difficult to evaluate, in which case there would be two correct answers … both C & D

Good job Chris … :wink:

I am a little surprised too at the number who answer the questions compared to the number of views. It doesnt hurt to even guess at an answer. But I will keep posting them for a while … :wink:

I hope so too Robert. Participation is always good for all.
I am not afraid to be told I am wrong. Being wrong means getting educated. Learn from mistakes.
The definition of experience is a whole bunch of mistakes and I have a lot of experience. :mrgreen::wink:

According the average knowledge all air conditioners designed for home and commercial are through wall units. Stand-alone are not. To make an exam question like this is just plain stupid unless there are two correct answers.
Ask any regular individual the question and they will say through the wall because they do not understand what the question implied. Through a wall could refer to the pressure and suction lines we know it isn’t but it could. It also can apply to the new designed units that are a split system attached on the wall.
If you go into a home or business and you see the unit stuck in a window you may assume it is a portable unit and does not need inspected. You must look for the suction line and pressure line outside.
By the way you still can’t test a unit in a window under a certain temperature it will not work for air conditioning. So to make the statement that you must test an air conditioner on an exam is also stupid.:shock:

This question relates to home inspection **Standards of Practice **concerning the inspection of “Cooling Systems”, and what you are legally required to do. They are very common state licensing questions. You may want to actually read the various SOP’s so that you can understand the question.

Continuing with some old easy exam questions for Cooling … LOL
I taught the Carson Dunlop too!:roll:
Where in your post does it say SOP.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for taking over this task. I know that Gerry is very happy that you did.

Keep up the good work.

The question was not from Carson Dunlop, but I am sure they also have very similar questions as it is very important for an inspector to understand what they are required, and not required, to do as part of a home inspection … which directly relates to the SOP.

If someone was not a home inspector or learning to become a home inspector, I could see them not understanding how the question relates to the SOP.

He was a really good guy to have around here … I miss that Brit … :wink: