QOD - March 30/06

For a change of pace…

Great questions Claude.:slight_smile:

Hmmm, Sounds like a dance.


Could be - but here is the Response:
A split typically extends completely through the wood, so this would affect both horizontal shear resistance and bending strength. The other defects listed extend only partially through the wood. Regards, and thanks for participating - Claude

Compression or Tension? Will you break it at its worst point or ten feet from it? Wane is not so bad on a vertical board, horizontal can be really bad. Any of these can be worse than the others depending on the extent of the boards damage. A WDO infested member could be worse than any of the sample boards…

You left off “None of the Above”

What ever happened here? Do we need to rewrite this statement?:twisted:

I for one do miss the questions, How about once a week?:frowning:

:idea:Or as I suggested over a year ago to set it up on a round robin that changed on it’s own connected to all the questions on our entrance exam?


any member of the educatio committee can post a question in this section, here’s the issue, I am the default person and at times I am just too busy out in the real world of training and inspections.

I am now home for 12 days before my next jaunt, I’ll try to get a question a day back up again.