Quakes in ca

*******[size=3]QUAKES IN CA

How it going out there guys?


We lost some water from our pool, but we never even got off the couch. . .

Kinda like swaying in the hammack huh Jeff??? HaHa.

The water splashed out of the pool from the waves? Wow.

Now that is Keep your Kool . I would be heading for a door way or outside .
It is funny how people get condition for different things

Yeah, it just sloshes out. I lose 50 gallons or so every time we have a minor trembler.

I’m about 30 miles north of Los Angeles, so it was just a slow-roller here. Paul Pendley probaly didn’t feel anything but Russell Ray was certainly hit hard.

I was in Anaheim with my family watching clash of the titans when it hit. It was moving the theater pretty good but not bad enough for me to leave my seat. I figured it would be over in 20 seconds or so.