Qualified Educators are always welcome...

Due to expanded facilities and the opening of our newest offices in Westchester, I will be requesting resumes of qualified NYS Home Inspectors.

I have the highest regarding for NACHI and it’s members and as such I wanted to place this request on NACHI’s Board before offering it in Monster.com and other emplyment sectors.

Interested Candidates -Please mail a letter of intent and the following to:

Merrell Institute- Career Opportunities
1461-16 Lakeland avenue
Bohemia, NY 11716

Copy- NYS License
Copy- NYS License to Teach Home Inspection
Detailed Resume
Contact #'s for a telephone interview

All instructors are subject to a criminal background check as recommended by NYS.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bill Merrell- School Owner/Director- NYS

lol…Sorry I don’t “LIVE” in NYC or have a NYC license…got a Virginia one however…:wink:

Edit : should be LIVE…lol


File for your state teaching certification

technical is easy to achieve with your background

We have a spacious school wit a good following.

If interested, give us a call!

Thanks Bill…probably a bit more of a commute than I need right now for a daily class type thing…lol…Eaton has me running around all over the country and my VA classes are starting very soon so.

Would not mind viewing the application for NYC teaching certification if you had one handy…you just never know…some association may want me to come up to NYC for a 2-3 day seminar…might be worth it…lol

Come on, whats not to like. Hey, what ever it is that you like in Virginia probably got started in NY.

Besides, Westchester is not even that close to NYC (especially not by bicycle)

And the licenses, don’t worry, I can make you one (see, only in NY)

See you soon.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


OPPS…I mean “LIVE” not “LIKE”…lol…sorry as that is not what I intended to type…( subliminal maybe…lol )


click on the link above, then click on home inspection and download teacher/instructor form, either for technical or full instruction-

always call us and check out our program:

Have a great deal fellow NACHI members

Downloaded the forms…guess if you ever need a 2-3 day Electrical Inspection Class…just let me know and I will send it in…lol