Qualified plumber?

Give a guy some PVC, glue & watch him go!!!

I love the radical slopes. The guy had the cleanout where the toilet pipe should be and there where no traps at the laundry tubs He concreted the pipes to the floor including the condensate.

Please send him a qualified plumber.

Please respond with any other violations you may see.

Also the dryer vent passed through drywall, ran about 30+ feet and the exterior vent was allowing water, rodents and not allowing proper venting.

You would of loved his basement finishing system. I love the handyman. This basement has mold/moisture cracks and then he starts drywalling & framing.



82506 North Royalton 038 (Small).jpg

82506 North Royalton 038 (Small).jpg

82506 North Royalton 032 (Small).jpg

82506 North Royalton 038 (Small).jpg

82506 North Royalton 033 (Small).jpg

82506 North Royalton 035 (Small).jpg

82506 North Royalton 002 (Small).jpg

So, how well do the handyman drain lines perform?

I wonder if the handyman knew anything about plumbing ventilation…

Ahhhh, the sweet aroma of fresh sewage from the trap-less sinks…

The dryer vent is just beautiful. I love how it is routed through a permanent basement window and caulked up, just awesome! I wonder how well a dryer vent functions facing down in an areaway…

Looks like a codes inspector is needed!.. with a long notepad!