Went out on a Wind today to review a prior inspection, it was listed as toe nails. The house actually had single wraps. The prior Inspector said it did not qualify because the house had “pocket straps” WHAT ?? This was an L-shaped home with the garage the L part. The Inspector looked at the truss hangars on the LVL beam. He failed to get his buns under the roof decking where the L takes off and crawl into that portion of the house. No pictures at all of his work in the 1802. I squeezed my big buns in and there the connectors were.
Pocket straps may sound great to someone not familiar with construction.

Forgot, this Inspector also told the Homeowner he would install the proper strapping for 200.oo to bring it up to par to get the discounts.

He must have been a contractor.

Or a home inspector that doesn’t know the difference between a “pocket hanger” WTF is one of those ? and a truss or joist hanger ----come on give it up dude !

That’s possible too. However, only a licensed contractor can do the structural connectors- consequently, it should not have been a home inspector- and clearly not a professional inspector. I would bet on the contractor scenario. Of course, it could be an unlicensed contractor who doesn’t know the difference between something called a “pocket hanger” and a joist hanger- or- it could be a licensed contractor too. - give it up dude.:wink:

Really? Does the saga of Home Inspector vs. Contractor need to continue?

Why must we point fingers and then say, I am better than you constantly? I have seen awesome Home Inspectors. Some have a contractors license and some don’t.

I know Fred and Steven and BOTH are awesome at their jobs! If my legs were broken I would trust both of them to perform an inspection on the house I was buying without question!

So lets not throw petty stones and start working towards making the profession better…Pretty please?

Steve cannot help himself and obviously has an issue with Contractors. I guess one must have stolen a girlfriend or wife at one point???

Lighten up Russ. I acknowledged that the poor inspection could have been conducted by a non professional home inspector too.

One more time- from another thread:

Why do you have to personalize this? Re read the post. It is a fact that over half the home inspector licenses were sold to contractors. 1/2 (read as one half) of those licensees have different goals and objectives than the professional home inspector. I have no knowledge or concern which 1/2 of those contractors you fall under.

It amazes me that anytime a regular home inspector (like me) points out facts that may not align with your view- the home inspector is just angry or has an ax to grind and hates all contractors. Let provide some background for you: I held a contractor’s license in another state prior to moving to Florida 13 years ago. Having been a licensed contractor, I have a high regard for professional contractors who supervise construction of the built environment in which we live. I was also a licensed building inspector in another state. Having done both, I recognize the differences between building and inspecting and the need for checks and balances. Inspectors should inspect. Builders should build. Inspectors can become good builders and builders can become good inspectors. But neither should do both on the same project. I hope this helps clarify my position.

I don’t think a contractor ever stole a girlfriend and I still have the same wife.

I guess you just could just could not meet the same rules and requirements that Florida General Contractors do.
So you choose a profession you could sell on your experience and merits.
I would have done the same.

I never applied for a contractors license in Florida and really don’t have a desire to. I have been happy doing inspections here for 13 years. So much for not going the personal attacks route.

It got personal when you decided folks who have multiple licenses should not be able to do all the law allows.

don’t want to leave ya’ll hangin so goodnight all.

Might be back latter might not :slight_smile:

The more I watch the BS back and forth the more I an am convinced our profession is ****ed…

Maybe Joe B is Right…maybe it will become $99 inspection and the only one to be held accountable is ourself…

Maybe?..Already is :mad:

I sincerely hope you and Joe are wrong on that one. Goodnight.

Hey, can we blame the friggin’ Adjusters the MySafeFlorida Program brought in and move on? :mrgreen:

I regress…I had a long day yesterday and before I went to spend some time with the LOML I took a peek at the Forum and saw what Steve had posted ! I guess I lost my mind and made bad comment. I apologize to Steve and all the members for my lack of judgement and am very sorry for fueling the very fire that I detest. I have been on here for about a year and half and it greatly discouges me, like many, that my profession has stooped this low, to be little each other the way we do, it does NOT do us any favors. Again my deepest apologize for my lack of judgement to you my peers. I am off to any early morning inspection, thank you for your time.

Good morning Fred. No apology necessary. But thank you just the same. Obviously, we are all very passionate and entrenched in our positions on this issue. I agree with you that it is unfortunate that we can’t discuss all sides of the issue respectfully and without making personal attacks towards someone we disagree with.

Back to the OP, it is so frustrating that the public doesn’t know that they can get screwed on a wind mitigation inspection. It’s just filling out a form, right?
It comes down to educating the consumers and the insurance agents. I’ve been told by many insurance agents that most of the inspections that they receive don’t have anywhere near the level of detail and information that we provide with our reports.
Thanks, Greg, for going the extra mile as the standard.