Qualifier added for the naysayers.

Check it out

Good Job for the win, Frank, was there another contest @ nachi in 2015 that gave a need for the HG part of the statement? I guess we could have a HIP, inspectvue, 3d, palm etc contest, but don’t remember any others organized for this year or any other year

HG is the only one I’m aware of. Maybe when the other softwares improve to the level of HG, they can have a competition. :wink:

When you are home all day, you can play inspector and make fake / sample reports to your heart’s content. HIP users are too busy inspecting and making ACTUAL reports for their clients. :wink:

Frank, I had our legal team author you a qualifier you can use to respond to the naysayers. Here it is:

Please feel free to use it as often as you like when dealing with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not have a 3D, InspectVue, Palm Tech, HIP, HG and who ever else best inspection report contest?
That would be interesting…

Why not? However, I’d fair to guess 3D or Inspectvue would produce the best looking pdf type report, a known weakness for HG.

You must have paid the legal team a bunch for that. :slight_smile:

Too bad Frank. I think you should change it back and take Nick’s “legal advice”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Screw it. I quoted Nick. Deal with it.


Yea. That’s a broad claim for contest with such a narrow selection of eligible candidates, but Nick can limit his candidates to only one if he so chooses. It’s his show…