Quality Insulation Job

Check out the high quality insulation job in the attic of this 10 year old two storey home in southern Ontario.

Outside temperature was about 28F. Temperature of the 2nd storey ceiling was 52F.

Temperature differential between the first and second floors was about 10 degrees (F).

This was one buyer that was happy that they had a home inspection !!

Insulation 2.jpg

Insulaton 1.jpg

Wow, I cant imagine how much money they payed out for heat over the last 10 years.


NEW Invisible insulation!!! works so well , you won’t even know its there

It is realy suprizing that the ceiling did not pillow down from the temp difference from the attic to the 2nd floor creating moisture in the sheet rock


I agree, but it was indeed dead even, no deflection of any kind. But it was cold… cold on the 2nd floor. I can’t believe that the current (and original) owner (of 10 years) never questioned the temp differential from the first to the 2nd floor.

The basement in this house was the warmest area in the building.

I just realized that I posted this in the Commercial section. oh well

At least they insulated the eaves to help prevent good ventilation :slight_smile: