Quebec and Ontario members

Vote for Member of the Year/Gromicko Award.
Gilles Larin needs our support from you, you, and you…
Go to this thread and post your support for Gilles Larin.

Thanks Robert Great idea much appreciated … Roy

Gilles certainly deserves and got my vote for his continuous effort and hard work for us all at internachi Quebec!

Got my vote

We are coming down to the last few days to vote on this greatest Nick Gromicko/InterNACHI Member of the Year Award vote.
Please do your part.

OntiroAchi members. Those of you that have not voted yet. You carry enough members to make a substantial impact on this decision. Your vote counts but only when you vote.

NOTE: Gilles larin has worked tirelessly to insure insurance is a tangle reach for new home inspectors across Canada. My insurance dropped by 50%. That is money for me to decide on how it will be spent or saved.

As well, Len and OntarioACHI have been a major contributor in helping InterNACHIQuebec web site is up and running. Great work Len and OntaroACHI.

In essence, all Canadian InterNACHI provincial members have a symbiotic relationship. What helps one province helps us all.

Please do your part in this best every Nick Gromicko/InterNACHI Member of the Year Award. It all starts by getting involved.

Happy holidays everyone.
You’re the best!

Great idea push for Gilles. I think maybe I’ll go with that movement also.

Wait I started many days ago also :slight_smile: