Quebec offers blankets, beds and hydro

Quebec offers blankets, beds and hydro crews to Texas in wake of Hurricane Harvey. Quebec is offering to help Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and is at the ready for when officials there say they need it, says Minister of International Relations Christine St-Pierre.

I am glad to see Canadians giving help to our southern friends .
It is very sad to see so much destruction

** Canadian power crews head to Irma-hit Florida to help restore service **

**Nova Scotia, Ontario workers helping Tampa utility **
It’s different infrastructurethan what we have to a certain extent, so there’ll be a bit of a learning curvethere as well," Cochrane said. “But we’ll be integrated intotheir workforce, so we’ll be assisting them to get everything put backtogether.”
JoiningEmera crews

The NSP team will join 86 other Nova Scotians from their parent company, Emera,who are also heading to Tampa. Halifax-based Emera owns a subsidiary in Tampa.
“We’re going to be doinganything that we can to help Tampa Electric get their customers backonline,” said NSP spokesperson Tiffany Chase. “We know there’sbeen significant damage to their system as a result of that severe storm and soanything that our team can do to assist them, we want to do down inTampa.”

Many colleagues we both know have been affected by both storms, Roy.

There are people from all over Canada - mostly volunteers - who are helping our American cousins! In times like these, there are no boundaries, no red lines, no politics, no walls, no conditions, no limits! There is serious humanitarian need and we need to generously respond, as we consistently have in other similar situations!

This is PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE, no matter who they are, what their religion is, what their color is, what their social condition or status is, etc.!

Let it continue!


Great thoughts and sentiments G.