Question about door at top of stairs

well I’m going to take that back Marcel …I just got off the phone with a pleasant young Lady representing a company that wanted to hire me to inspect an apartment complex an hour away from my home…detailed report including cost for repair estimates and detailed narrated photos and they were willing to pay me 120.00 if I was a shrewd negotiator…otherwise She assured me the "going rate " was much less…
well at least i don’t have Her job…:smiley:

Is the value of a good Home Inspection going down the drain Jim. That is ridiculous. :slight_smile:

I first got a call from Her a couple weeks ago Marcel and today she was wondering if I had read the proposal and thought about it…I’m pretty sure companies like that are not really interested in competent inspections, rather just a way to defer liability from themselves…sad thing is She may just find someone to do that job…it is a sad comentary on the industry as a whole

I’ll bet this woman has netting on her cabinets too!

I pity the one stuck with the Liability when something goes wrong.
Just like a set of tires, eventually, something will go wrong.

I think that was some comparison to something else but seems to work here. :mrgreen:

And I would tell her that she could kiss my Rosie rear end!

That’s total crap!

She prolly thought i was Santa Claus I was laughing so hard…

Did she have a door that opens over the stairs?:mrgreen::wink:

sorry Marcel I was laughing so hard I forgot to ask Her…if She calls back though I’ll bring it up quick before she gets me laughing…

Worth repeating;)!