Question about Energy Audit

I’m currently looking at energy audits as an additional service. Do I need any special qualifications to perform this type of service, such as an HVAC license or a certification? What do we normally charge for it? Thanks!

Well, I’ve thought of doing energy audits after I get my IR camera. I won’t even consider doing them without first learning what and how to do it, however. So, in answer to your question, yes IMO one would want to be qualified to do them. I bet if you searched the board you would find more info in addition to the responses you receive here.

Check out I took the class in August and have done several. You can do them with or without an IR camera. Their protocol does not call for using one. It’s kind of a mini HERS audit. If you want, you can couple it to a standard buyer inspection although I will be marketing them to exisiting homeowners (much bigger market).