Question about floor problem

I bought Nucore flooring I had a contractor lay it I was here and watched as well as ask FlorNDecor many questions and followed directions My contractor had no problems with believing my subfloor which is ruff not smooth that it was ok to lay since it was expressed that this flooring was perfect on these type floors It was layed and beautiful then I noticed several separating at the end of the blanks after about a yr and then they have separated through out in the heavy traffic areas My contractor believes that the cork backing is not floating on my ruff subfloor Flor n Decor has been uncooperative they did send a so called unbiased inspector out who said my floor was not flat they allowed 3/16 and mine was 3/8 however he only measured across and that’s not the problem they are not coming apart on the sides they are only coming apart on the ends and if you measure along the panels it is flat also he said moisture content was 9 10 actually according to my inspector that checks my moisture every year says 18 is in an average home I am very up set and I want to know if this sounds right would appreciate any answers that might help me Thanks so much

Have your contractor deal with it

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