Question about IR to Canadian's

Do you guys know what locations in Canada now require a Level I certification to do thermography? Thanks for your help.

Could be wrong, but I don’t think it is regulated anywhere in Canada.

In what degree John?
To inspect a home, energy auditing?
Could you be more explanatory?

I remember this coming up two or three years back. Level one was said to be the basic requirement to use during a home inspection survey if you wish to add the information in your reports. I forget where that came from.
I will try to gleam some old information.

I could be wrong but this is new to me never heard of it .

I am hearing conflicting info… but not verified.

I am hearing from some that Level I is being required by some parts of Canada to use IR in a building. This info could be wrong.

I can find nothing about this on Google in Canada

Your right Roy… I cannot find anything either.


When I took the one week course five or six years ago, I believe if you wanted to bid on government contracts that included Infrared Thermography, you had to achieve a certain level.

That was the only reference to recognition/certification that I can recall.


Hi John!

It is not regulated, at least in the province of Ontario. Some of us chose to get certified either at the supplier (FLIR/FLUKE) or from a third part (i.e. Snell).

A large lot of us got training directly at FLIR as an add-on to our equipment purchase.
Most stop at Level I building investigation, whilst others go on to level III.

The certification from FLIR is valid for 5 years.

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Not regulated in Alberta either. It could be a requirement for applying or bidding on jobs anywhere with anybody, possibly government contracts, but that is not the same as a regulation.