Question about Non Licensed Inspection

I recently has an AOS for my home. While getting the home inspection on the home I intended to buy; my realtor got a call from the buyer of my homes agent about the home inspection on my home. The basics of the report said that my roof needed to be torn up and that my back porch was built wrong and severally damaged and that I had lead pipes for drain. She demanded $10,000

I had certificate stating my roof was fine, it is only three years old and been silver coated last year and they wouldn’t accept that since he didn’t have a letterhead. So he came over and verified everything was fine and only needed some caulk on back porch which I had him do. He wrote a guarantee on the roof for 10-12 years (Flat roof) and provided business license and insurance information.

The other agent told my agent that they wanted me to write a check at settlement to the home inspector. From what I have read is that he can’t give a dollar amount on repairs and he can’t do repairs for 12 months. Needless to say my agent asked for his credentials and was told that she don’t need a licensed home inspector and that the guy was just a contractor (also friend of buyers family).

Now the buyer wants her $1,000 deposit which I still offered her half until she said she wanted it all and asked the Broker to keep it until it gets resolved. I am hoping you can tell me of what actions I may be able to take.

I can’t buy the other house because it was contingint on sale and pretty wouldn’t think I could force her into buying the home.

Thank YOU!!

You need to talk to a lawyer .

What state are you located in?

Give the Buyer the deposit back and move on…
(you are squabbling over $1000…)
if not…

It is the choice YOU made…

Location please?

State is Pennsylvania. Delaware County.