Question about Pricing

Need help on pricing a 250,000 Sq Ft metal building. It’s used for making concrete products. It also has a 6400 Sq Ft office in a separate building. I’ve never been asked to do one no where near this large so I’m a little nervous. Thanks in advance.

In no particular order:

Are you insured for commercial inspections?
What (exactly) is your client expecting, and what are you prepared to deliver?
What SOP will you be using?
Manufacturing facilities have different systems (electrical, HVAC, etc), do you have the skills to complete the job?.

As for price, don’t worry, someone will quote $199.00 for everything. :roll_eyes:


What Dominic said. Though if you have to ask, I think you should pass on it.


first learn the ComSOP. get commercial certified using CCPIA.ORG
You can charge anywhere from $0.05 to $0.35 a sq foot.
You may have to bring in consultants if you do not know commercial electrical, roofing, HVAC and plumbing systems.

You job would mainly be structural and such.

But first Just go learn the ComSOP. and commercial code of ethics.
completely different then residential.