Question about Solar Tubes and Wind Mitigation

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I have a question regarding Solar Tubes and how they effect the Opening Protection credit on a Wind Mit.
I have researched the Product Control Search link on and have been unable to find a FBC or MDCA NOA on this product. I was looking for some help from FL inspectors that have info on any other NOA info on this product (if it even exists).
I know that Mr. Bradley Toye, Mister Dave Fetty and Mr. Marc Goldenberg often have access to, and generously post some great links to helpful stuff, so I was wondering if anyone had any good data I could use on this subject
Clearly the device its self is an opening in both the roofing material, roof deck sheathing and roof structure as a whole. I don’t see alot of them, but when I do, I want to call it correctly
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It’s part of a class of products, and some have NOA’s and many do not. It’s like any glazed opening (skylight); it’s either rated (has a Florida Product Approval or NOA) or it isn’t.

You would need to determine which brand & model it is; find it’s rating (Manufacturer’s site can help); document what you discover.

Each vendor has several models; some are listed for the required ASTM and FBC ratings (and have the approvals) and some are not.

Most older ones don’t have visible etching or labels, and roof or re-roof permits may not list the new skylight on the paperwork.

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Thank You Mr Dagostino
I appreciate your feedback. I always enjoy your posts.