Question About Student Membership

I recently took a HI training course which included, as I was told, a 6 month student membership with InterNACHI, as well as a competing organization. There were sign up forms for the other organization in the class paperwork, but no such forms for InterNACHI.

 I sent an email inquiry to the training organizations customer service, who promptly replied with an email containing, among other things, the instructions for the other orgs form, the form itself and a link to follow for InterNACHI.  

The link for InterNACHI was broken, not found page, and all subsequent emails have gone unanswered.

I would like a 6mo student membership to InterNACHI, but am beginning to think I was offered powdered unicorn horn.

That money would rather be spent on quality gear.

Post for all of us to see, both the link you were given and the email you are using to contact InterNACHI.

I answer every email, every day, even on Christmas, and have flawlessly for more than a decade.

And quickly too! :slight_smile:

Yep, what Marc and Nick said.

I’ve never waited more than 24 hours for a response from Nick or staff at InterNACHI.

“Resistance is Futile” :nachi:

Marc, my eyeballs are 55, and I got new contacts last month.

I STILL have a hard time seeing your posts! Why is your font so small???

Are you trying to hide?? :|.)