Question about the National HI Exam

Hello Home Inspectors…

I’m about to take my 50 hour training class required in the state of Oklahoma in order to become a licensed home inspector. Once done I then have to take the National Home Inspector Examination. I have never been in the construction business as a paid employee. My only experience is helping build a Habitat for humanity home and now I’m on my second house. The first house I didn’t learn as much as I wanted to but the second one I’m definately asking more questions. I’m also on my second week helping a guy flip a house he bought. I’m trying to read every thing I can find. For example…I’ve read everything twice now on and! Now I do shadow a certified master inspector. Been on 26 ride alongs to date. Learned a great deal to include how much of the systems are suppose to work and what I’m suppose to look out for, but my teacher was grandfathered in and didn’t have to take the test. After reading the topics covered according to the content outline provided by the National Home Inspector Examination website I’m kinda worried about failing this test. Seems to be alot more than just a basic home inspection covers in the field. Please look below and help answer my questions…

A. Will the 26 ride alongs, the 50 hour Vo tech training class and the little knowledge I have about construction be enough to pass this test? Or do I have a long way to go? If so where do I start. I can’t afford ASHI’s $2999 home study course. Has someone been in my position? If so how did you prepare to pass the test?

B. Should a new wanna be inspector join NACHI first before taking the test? Is there prep material on this website designed to help pass the test the first time? I’m joining either way but with a $400 vo tech class and a $195 test fee and a guy who don’t believe in credit cards It takes time to save my money. I will join now but only if this site can directly help me pass the exam.

Thanks to everyone in advance for the time spent helping me out with my concerns. I look forward to anyone’s insight and if I can help you out in any way within my means please let me know. Thank you!

P.S. If someone has designed a specific training guide or something that can truly help me get through this test I would like to make a trade with them. Like most of you have mad skills in the construction business well I have skills in web code and design. To view my site I’m currently building go to This site will be my home once I’m licensed. It’s currently under construction right now even though the main page looks like its in business. If interested contact me through the schedule inspection function on my website.

Billy B.

What’s your question?

Join NACHI, read all that is on the BBS take the online tests, there are several, and then retake them as they are never the same you will learn much just by being here, of course there is nothing like hands on.
Happy inspecting:D

Everyone’s past experience is different so its difficult to answer you question directly but If you join NACHI you will have access to all the info and discussion on this board which is a great start. You can also take NACHIs online Electrical course and roofing courses. There is a long list of online resources on this board somewhere that will also help you prepare for the NACHI. If you haven’t taken the NACHI online test, take now and several times more to see how you are doing. As you take the test you will gain confidence that you can identify faults and will know how to report them. Also take the SOP and Ethics tests. You’ll find that most here are helpful and willing to answer your questions. Good Luck

BFB, like those before said, join NACHI. I am a newer HI, and have found NACHI to be an invaluable tool in my education. I joined another organization before NACHI and have not had more than 3-4 minor educational experiences in 6 months. NACHI gives me 3-4 per hour, when online in the message boards.
As far as the Exam goes, I bought the “National Exam Prep Book” from, despite who they recommend for a national organization to join, the classes they have and the book they offer gives major info on how to deal with the test and how it is set up. Even with all the books and classes out there, you cannot learn as much as with personal experiences. NACHI gives me that eveyday, and I am thankful to my senior HI’s.

Thanks to all above we all get many returns from this BB new and old appreciate all who post ( well almost all ). lots of continuing ideas and education.
Roy Cooke

Billy -

I wholeheartedly agree that joining NACHI and perusing the forums and education courses will serve you extremely well. In the meantime, have a look at this NHIE prep software. Sixty-nine bucks, instant download and free preview/trial version available.

No implied endorsement of this particular product (I have never personally used it), nor do I have any financial stake in its sale. Just my two cents. Hope it helps.

Best of luck!

Exam prep

Sample test

Practice Test

The Code Check books are also good.

Having passed the NHIE it is my opinion that unless you are familar with they way the test questions are worded, it can be dificult to pass. That being said I would reccomend taking some sort of exam prep class, either online, at home, or in person.

Good luck:D

Brian got it right. The test is more about knowing how the questions are written. I took it several years ago and I was lucky enough to go to a school that trained us the way to take the test. I don’t know if it has been corrected but there were even some questions that were not writen right so you could miss it if you gave the right answer. also there are questions on things that may not be common in your area ( Heating,A/C, Plumbing, Roofs, etc…) good luck

Hello my friends,

Thanks for all the great advice. Without NACHI and all you wonderful people willing to help out us newbies we would definately be in the dark.

I have decided to use to prepare for the Oklahoma state test. Once I viewed the website I was so excited about it I immediately paid the fee and now I feel I have a real chance at passing this test.

As for joining NACHI…

Personal Message for Nick…:slight_smile:

Ok I tried to pay my $289 to join but I have to pass your online test before I can get in to start studying the 2500 question database.

Currently my highest score on your NACHI exam is a 76%. I can’t seem to beat that.

Q: Is there a way to join to get to your 2500 question database without having to pass your online test right away? Having this database available to potential members before taking your online exam would be very beneficial to those without alot of outside construction experience.

Thanks again everyone! I look forward to getting to know all of you better.


Mr. Ashburn,

As you mentioned your pretty new to the business. I visited your website and noticed you carry E&O insurance. Did you shop around? If so where did you find the best deal at?