Question: Best route to get WDO Certification in Texas

Good Morning all!
Passed my Licensing exams and looking forward to my new PHI license number in the next 7-10 days.

I have searched the forum/s for information and understand the certification comes from the TX Agriculture Dept. It looks like it takes some time to complete so I would like to begin asap. Are there any channels or people in the network that would be favorable to work with in getting WDO Certification so I may offer it in my services…?

Thank you in advance!
Rich Jarvis

Congrats on passing your exam.

My advice is to learn to be a Home Inspector first, then decide if/when to take up pest control. Your plate is pretty full, just getting started and becoming competent as a home inspector. You have no idea just how much you don’t know yet. This is not a knock on you, it’s a harsh reality for any new TREC HI licensee.

The quickest/easiest way to get into pest inspections as an HI in Texas is to sign up under one of the pest control guys who lets HIs act as technicians under their operator’s license. Not something I would personally do, but the fastest route to your stated objective.

Thank you Chuck!