Question For Claude Lawrenson - The National

Hi Claude

Can you clarify something for me.

I have seen recently a couple of people who are Nationally Cert. using NCH, I have also seen some using NCA.

Which one is the actual acronym to use if one is a Nat. Cert. holder? Or are both wrong?


The full occupational title is:
i) "National Certificate Holder”, and;
ii) the full title must always be spelled out completely with each word;
iii) and shall not be abbreviated in any other condensed manner such as NCH.

When used with an inspector’s name, the title or registration number must always follow the name and be the same or smaller font size as the name. Example:
Bill Smith, National Certificate Holder or
Bill Smith NCA00000 or
Bill Smith RHI, Registration # NCA00000.

Thanks for the quick reply, but now I am confused.
You say the full title must always be spelled out, but then in your second paragraph you use NCA again. Also what does the inspectors name have to do with using NCA as in your example? Confused.



If I may jump in and mudify things a bit further. There is no official or approved acronym for National Certificate Holder. The ‘NCA’ letters when used as Claude shows are actually part of the registration number. In other words it’s not NCA #00467, it’s #NCA00467.

Bill Mullen

Thanks - Bill, you right on that one!
Good work