Question for Journeymen plumbers

How long does it take to take a new toilet out of the box and install it on a new install? That includes the valve stop, wax, and supply line.

Without draining and removing the old one. 15 minutes at the most.

Roy, it would take that long just to take the two pieces out of the box and bolt them together.
I am trying to be realistic about what I was charged.

I’ve done them. in and out, in an hour, and 15 minutes plus travel time/service call. :neutral:

Larry, I thought you were a Carpenter? LOL
Since this was not a service call the price is included in their rate of $92.

But thanks, that is about what it would have taken me also if not crippled with this hip.

I just called the plumber and told him I wanted to pay the bill for installing a pedestal sink and one toilet in my washroom renovation in the basement, but I had a problem with the labor charge.

They worked 2 hours, 1 plumber and 1 apprentice.

After I told him that plumbers rate for an apprentice to install a toilet at that price is unreasonable, he said it was a mistake.
I had also previously requested just the plumber when it came time for the fixtures.
He told me he would not charge if there was nothing to do, but that was just a way in to send the helper and charge the plumbers rate.

They charged me for 2.5 coming from another job mid-day and charged me the plumbing rate of $92 an hour for installing the toilet by the apprentice = to $230.
So I guess tomorrow will tell what the new bill amount will be.
It did not take too long for plumbing office to say it was an error after I told them that amount of money to install a new toilet was a little extreme.

I’m sorry!
My assistant always put it together and only take me 15 minutes to set it and Plum it

Always use stainless steel flange bolts stainless steel acorn nuts. I’ve taking too many of them out that were brass

Stainless tank bolts too. Too many of the Chinese “brass” bolts are thin plate over cheap steel anymore.

Time to do the commode change out would be about an hour if he carries it in, changes the valve, assembles, installs, test operates, carts the old out and cleans up. Maybe another 30 min if he has challenges with the water shutoff, flange, etc.

Plastic flange and brass bolts, not plated.

It did take the plumber 2 hours to set that friggin pedestal sink though. Glad I did not attempt that one in my condition.

Other than paying for the Plumbing, I am sure glad I did not have to pay the labor for anything else.
Man does it cost a lot. LOL

Here is a before and after of this basement washroom reno.

Still have a few things to do though.

very nice

Just curious, what type of trap you have in that pedestal?? :twisted:

“P” trap through the wall would be my guess. :mrgreen: :smiley:

For a pedestal, the trap goes inside of it. All chrome. Plus there was no room for one in the wall.

It also gets anchored to the wall, thus the blocking for it.

Yes, this is what I meant::slight_smile:

Thanks, just curious as I typically see s-traps in older homes and bottle traps in newer homes. P-traps are a rarity due to lazy plumbers.

:smiley: Well, this one was not lazy, because I was standing there all the time watching, plus I would not have paid the Stinking $92 an hour the company charges. :wink:

That cheap they charge $100 to $125 per hr here. I charge $250 per hour so I don’t have to install any:D:D

That’s a steal. $92 they charge, the Mechanic only gets $35, Company pockets the rest.
Everyone trying to get rich quick. :wink:

As soon as I get my two hips replaced, next time, I"ll do it myself.