Question for Norm Bushman about home inspector exams.

Norm, this year the University of Phoenix became the planet earth’s largest University. They issued 44,000+ doctorate degrees online in 2006. My question to you is, do you consider them Doctors?

Also, near the bottom of is a members-only link to a huge list of online inspection-related courses. Do you consider all online courses invalid because the provider can’t verify for sure if the student is getting help while completing them?

Also, my wife last year earned one of the hardest certifications one can attain in Colorado, a Director Certificate for overseeing a public school system. By law here, every school system must employ someone with this certificate and this director is responsible for the welfare of potentially thousands of children. There is a great shortage of people with this qualification which by the way, she obtained online, without ever leaving her kitchen or dinining room. She never took a proctored test and never stepped foot on a college campus in earning it. What is your comment?

Also, the National Association of REALTORs, one of the oldest and largest trade associations in the world approves online courses for their required continuing education as do many of the states that license real estate agents. These courses can be taken and their respective exams can be passed with the secret help of someone other than the licensee. What is your comment?

Hi Nick,
Global BC TV got your email and was mention that you called them today in this evening news. This is the big TV channel for Canadian.
Thanks Nick!

Ms. Yong is not a bad reporter but everyone eventually must realize that NACHI is not a government agency and has no jurisdiction to force competent inspectors to perform all their inspections correctly, or as I posted here act ethically, and certainly no magical powers to predict which inspectors won’t.

The most we can do is kick them out of NACHI, after the fact. The same is true for licensing agencies.

How do you kick them out when you can’t verify they have done anything wrong?

I guess if you don’t join, you can’t get kicked out.


Been there, done that, didn’t pay to renew after the one year free offer that lasts forever if you don’t rock the NACHI boat.

Didn’t you know about that?

If that is the case how come this is on the top of your post’s ???
Please Note: This user is a non-member guest and is in no way affiliated with NACHI.

Ummm… Because I’m not a member.

Did I miss something?

Ummm… Because I’m not a member.

Did I miss something?

Gee I guess you did not see what I saw on your post . Been there, done that,That to me said you had paid your dues and did not renew .

No, that means I was a member and did not pay to renew.

Am I missing something?

Expand on your all encompassing question… What do you mean by “can’t verify”?

Jason made the profound statement of…

Hey thats just like OAHI-CAHPI! They trump up internal charges and threaten all sorts of actions, but they huff and huff and huff, and I am still waiting. Guess it must be because they got caught fudging the rules and such.


You seem to be missing a lot of things! :wink:

Hey Nick! How about an Email to the Kingston Whig Standard to provide some information about N.A.C.H.I. in lite of the article about the CAPHI testing a few weeks ago? I see an opportunity for some more promotional exposure. Sure worked for us last time.:mrgreen:

Just you Raymond.:slight_smile:

Go back to Global news. How their reporter trained? Where ,how bad a mistake she just made it ? missing all parts of detail.

Jason do you still have those web sites for sale .or have you let the registration run out. What sort of money do you want.
James did Globel not run the second part of the home Inspector series . I could not find it . Thanks for finding the other one .
Roy Cooke