Question for PDF Gurus

I created my own forms (wind mit, 4pt, etc) using Acrobat and LiveCycle Designer. These forms have worked flawless. Until now. I just started using a Samsung S7 Edge, but I’m using the same camera app (MX Camera) and the same file size that I was before. Now, the photo slots won’t accept my photos unless I greatly re-size them and they look like crap.
Any ideas on what’s keeping my photos from working right?


Reece, this guy is very good. LiveCycle master.

What is the jpeg size that the app exports? Maybe the app is downsizing the photos for social media format. And, are you trying to use the form on your phone or computer?

Sorry I do not know as I do not use a phone :slight_smile: I cannot see well enough on them.

Give me a call 954 340-6615.

Mine works fine with the edge 7