Question: How Many Inspections in a Month

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The report hosting I developed is simply a secure method by which you can deliver your report online to your clients. The reports are uploaded to our servers and your client is sent an encrypted URL and password with which they can access the report. It’s simply an alternative to emailing their report (since some people have bandwidth limitations and/or size limitations on their email accounts). It’s obviously not for everyone, however if it’s a service which is useful to some, I’m good with that. It certainly does seem to be mroe economical than paying ReportHost on a per upload basis, especially at the free service level.



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I use homegauge software. Its output is in HTML format. I open the HTML report in Internet Explorer and wave it as a web archive file. I them e-mail this file to the client, followed up with the hard copy, sent by next day shipping. In this way, my report gets to the client withing (sic) 24 hours (the state requires 48 house, max) and I keep the archive file and a printout.

You know that HomeGauge maintains any uploaded report, with full permission to access by the client, Realtor, inspector or anyone else with permission to access for five years. It is then backed up to disc for another five years. If you use their upload system (gold package), the client can have the report, print it, forward it, or anything else five minutes after you've finished it.

This meets our FL RE requirements, but then, you're in Illinois.....

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I do not use homegauge for uploading or stuff like that. I just use the software on my own computer. hy should I pay them for something that I can do, free, for myself.

I can (and do) store my reports for the 5 years the state requires. I e-mail the client the report (why involve a 3rd party). There is also some case law, in Illinois, relating to client confidentiality. If major banks and credit card companies in the U.S. cannot guarantee the condifenitality of their data (as we have seen in three recent cases where credit card infor was hacked and/or lost), how can I trust a must smaller company like Homegauge.

Don't get me wrong, I like the report writing software. It just seems to me that they are offering and unneeded service that can only increase my liability.

Just my 3 1/2 cents. Inflation, you know.

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