Question in writing articles

For those with experience. I always write articles and information to share with others. Yet, when I start the article it is detailed and educational. Then about 12 pages later it gets, well, old and bogged down maybe. I just don’t want to skip information because I feel ALL the information is needed to get a clear picture of what I am trying to convey. The down side is NO ONE READS 12 pages :).

Any input would be helpful

You said it yourself, after 12 pages it gets old and bogged down. Edit it down or break it up into Part 1, Part 2, etc. I have found that short and to the point encourages rather than bores.

Daniel is correct. Hence the average length of our inspection articles:

Exactly correct.
We were taught that at Active Rain camp.
Never hurts to add interest in the form of graphics either.

Always leave the reader wanting more. This will keep their interest.

thanks guys

You just rattle on and on never adding anything new or exciting to keep your reader interested.

Now I got what your saying. Its actually I like to be very thorough and explain it in detail so that it has an intelligent and complete thought that is comprehensive. Are you a message board stalker? I think this is your second attempt at slamming me. Kinda funny I got a fan. I will be going to Florida section in a few in case you want to follow.

What are you talking about you said yourself “old and bogged down”. As for a fan! Don’t flatter yourself. But i do read what you write most of the time your a cornucopia of information.

Ha ha ,back to subject I think the challenge is to not worry about looking like a Brainiac as much as converting it to simple.