Question of the week 04/10/2016

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The Question:

  1. Egg whites instead of water have been used in making mortar?
  2. Lime cement mortar sets by absorbing carbon dioxide?
  3. Horsehair was once used to strengthen mortar?
  4. Because of smell complaints you can now get scented form oil such as lemon for your concrete forms?

One of these statements is false. Which one?

4 is false

1 is false.

2 is false

They are all true

4 is wrong

None! They are all true.
OH! Yes they are.

Eggs were used in addition to water not instead of water.

They make good omelets.

When I had chickens I had several layers that produced double yokers…MMMMM :lol:

Wisk milk in to your scrambled eggs and omelets to make them fluffier. :wink:

When did you ever have layin’ hens?
I’ve had a few and had to get rid of them.:smiley:
There is only so much child support that I can bare.

They are all true…but Roy beat me to it…congrats Roy!

“One of these statements is false.”

Ok…I’ll bite…number three is false because horse hair was traditionally used in plaster not mortar.

They are!

I was giving away eggs left and right… never ate so many eggs in my life:mrgreen:

You are correct Sir!

Holy Cow! I was just saying in one of the threads that I wanted to order some books.