Question of the Week 11-12-20

Any more takers? Give it a shot. Nothing to lose, but plenty to win.

I told you Marcal, you should have had the extra credit question! :rofl:

Can I answer and donate if I’m right. LOL

No problem

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당신은 매우 친절한 사람입니다.

고마워요 … 당신은 제 친구입니다.

Ok, Joe, I added the extra credit bonus. I edited my post above.
Everyone can give it a shot.


Lana Del Rey

huh~? meh…

I don’t speak Hebrew… LOL!

“The Music Stopped” Frank Sinatra

The lights were low so we kept on dancing…

  1. D
  2. D
  3. C
  4. C Akzonobel current owner
  5. D stirrups
  6. A
  7. B
  8. C
    The Music Stopped, Frank Sinatra
    Rendition of Dancin by Perry Como

BTW question 5 has c listed twice
That must be the extra credit

yep, Lana Del Rey, When The World was at War we Kept Dancing

He asked the song too and those are not in that song lol
Now I’m disqualified. For hinting


It’s “we kept on dancing”


The Music Stopped” Frank Sinatra

The lights were low so we kept on dancing
I should of looked up. Don’t know if my answers would be right anyway. Have a good one.

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Great questions, all in fun! Cheers!

If I win I’m giving my winnings to the newest inspector that posted on this thread.
Last thing I need is more books LOL


Nice, Mr. Lewis! If I win, someone would get mine as well! :wink:

I should of read the rules. :laughing:

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I noticed that also- that just means you can guess C and both answers are right.

Also, it appears that question 3 was incomplete or misworded