Question of the Week 11-12-20

1.Fixed Window
2.Gravity Wall
3.Kalamein Door
4.Sherwin Williams
6.Flange and Web
7.Pile Cap

Do they have pictures :camera:? Lol

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Which came first chicken or egg?
Frances Wayne
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OK, here is a hint to extra bonus;
And up now, alright back now

“Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha” by Sam Cooke?

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I’m going to make this interesting today.
I am going to eliminate questions 4 & 5 due to an error on my part.
Question 4 ans. was e. Dutchboy, but I added Sherwin Williams and ironically, they bought out Dutchboy in 1991.
Question 5;
5. A bar used to hold the reinforcement on a beam

a. Web
b. Lateral ties
c. Tie bar
d. stirrups
Web was the correct answer, but I cannot verify it.
These were all taken from online quizzes. So I have to believe they are accurate unless proven wrong, which I can’t.
No one got any of these right anyways.

So to add a twist to all this, I will chose a winner from all the players based on a grade of 100% accuracy. Best grade over 80 wins.
So check your answers and tell me this is your final answer or I will use your first answer for a grade.

So forget 4 and 5.

I seen a reference to Dutch boy Phillipines. But Sherwin sold to aztra or actually ICI in 98

Just for reference LOL

Too tough for me anyway

I’ll stick with mine.

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Here is when S. W. bought out other companies.
In 1980, purchased Dutch Boy Paints. 1990 Bought Krylon and Illinois Bronze from Borden, which enhanced its aerosol and acrylic lines. 1991 Bought Cuprinol, the maker of premium stains, liquid sealers, and other coatings products. In the late 1990s, obtained 16 businesses within 21 months, among them Pratt & Lambert and Thompson Minwax. The consumer and store segments weren’t the only ones benefiting from the company’s aggressive acquisitions plan. In 1996, Sherwin-Williams also bought Pro-Line Paint Company and Seagrave Coatings Corporation, enhancing its presence in the industrial and marine markets.

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Well the research to answer is beneficial. Thanks

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Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha” by Sam Cooke
Since I listened to it all.
The rest is good with me.

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Keeping mine the same.

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If you have extra books I will pay the shipping and what ever price you want for them.

He always says he’s got tons of cases.
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Only if I get some hootoies roos!

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Yep! Moldy by now! Just like me…and you Goldie… Uh Huh?

Now way!
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But you got me on the State Licensed Building Contractor. :cowboy_hat_face:

I have no ideal what the answers are LOL!!!

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So, here it is; Answers in Bold

  1. What common type of window is used in a glass curtain wall.

a. sliding window
b. projected window
c. awning window
d. fixed window

  1. What is a massive wall that resists overturning by virtue of its own weight.

a. block wall
b. shear wall
c. firewall
d. gravity wall

  1. What kind of structural wood core clad with galvanized sheet metal.

a. wood core
b. metal door
c. kalamein door
d. flush door

  1. CUPRINOL is a product of?

a. Boysen
b. Davies Paint
c. Sherwin Williams
d. Vulcaseal
e. Dutchboy

  1. A bar used to hold the reinforcement on a beam

a. Web
b. Lateral ties
c. Tie bar
d. stirrups

  1. A structural steel T section is composed of a
    a. flange and web
    b. flange and stem
    c. flange and fillet
    d. floor flange
  2. What distributes a load of a column equally among the piles

a. footing
b. pile cap
c. pile foundation
d. grade beam
e. foundation bed.

  1. In a two-panel door, a strip of lumber placed in a one-panel door that serves as a stopper is called

a. Batidura
b. Sinturon
c. Astragal
d. Tirante

Good luck.

Oh, and here is a bonus question;
WHO sang this on what SONG?
The winner of the Bonus is Junior
"We kept on dancing"

The winner of the QOTW with a score of 83 is Peter Giannino
Congrats Peter and follow the direction in the opening post.
Thanks to all for participating.