Question of the week 7/11/16

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First correct answer (as judged by the Awards Committee or Poster of the Question) wins.

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1. Spread footing foundation is

(a) deep foundation
(b) shallow foundation
© suitable for black cotton soil
(d) both (b) and ©

2. Usually a course of ___ is provided below the course of brick or stone masonry in spread footing.

(a) strong concrete
(b) lean concrete
© cement paste
(d) crushed stone

3. The grade of cement concrete used in spread footing bottom support is

(a) 1:2:4
(b) 1:3:6
© 1:4:8
(d) either (b) or ©

4. General thumb rules for spread footings are (T is thickness of wall)

(a) width of foundation concrete is 2T + 30 cm
(b) width of bottom most course of footing is 2T
© depth of concrete block is (2/3)T
(d) all the above

Good luck inspectors!:wink:



Good questions Paul. :slight_smile:

DABB hard question this week, i like it.




Hello I’m back.

David got it right. Good going David.

Collect your prize!!:wink:

Congratulations David.
What are you going to do with all those books? :wink:

Congrats David.

David must be one smart guy.
His History of winnings on this Program.

05/10/15 Chuck Evans (Given to David Asselin)
06/07/15 David Asselin
08/23/15 David Asselin
09/13/15 David Asselin
02/14/16 David Asselin Allowed to win by Paul Lesieur by PM
05/15/16 Chuck Evans donated to David Asselin
06/12/16 Chuck Evans donated to David Asselin
07/10/16 David Asselin

That’s a lot of books. :slight_smile:

Congratulations is certainly in order.

Congrats David!

That just show you how hooked up I am to this forum. I read every threads and every post.

Thanks for taking the time to do this, Paul. It is always fun.

To much info.

Agreed. You could have spared us the last sentence.

Hmmm, wonder what his reports look like :shock:

I’m sure they’re quite detailed. :mrgreen: