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Good luck



From 2009
#1 Drowning 31%
#2 Motor vehicle traffic 25%
#3 Fire/burns
#1 for children under 1 year old was suffocation

It (drowning) is world wide too.:frowning:

If I won, please send the books to Mr. Fretty, I have no need for them.

Motor vehicle traffic

1: Drowning
2: Drowning
3: Drowning
4: Drowning

If Mr. Fretty doesn’t want them, I’ll take them. Thanks,


Food for thought: So if the gun grabbers were really all about saving the children and civil rights, they would seek to ban private ownership of swimming pools and leave firearms alone. Swimming pools aren’t protected under the Constitution and kill far more children.

Unintentional suffocation…Florida books please…

Not sure about Mr. Fretty, but Mr. Fetty would gladly take them. I give them out to everyone! Customers and realtors love them, I especially like the new Florida books. Thanks Chuck! :smiley:

Unintentional Drowning

I’m on board with drowning. Pool safety


Sorry about that. For some reason I have always read an “r” into your name. I’m surprised to learn that it was never really there, just a figment.

We have a winner!

Chuck is the man, congratulations!

Sweet, thank you Mr. Evans! :smiley: