Question of The Week Hiatus


Some may have noticed a lapse or interruption in the Question of the Week.

There had been some issues with shipping and/or receiving books for the winners and momentarily stopped the program to figure out what was happening.

The Awards Committee has changed the method on how the winning recipient will get his books.

The winner will request his books by emailing
and expect to receive his books from Inachi in a couple of weeks or so.
It will be important that the recipients forward the right shipping address at that time.

Now for those in the past that claim never received their books, please submit to , posting the week you had won the Question of the week along with your correct address and you will be sent your books.

The Program for The Question of the Week, will resume on Sunday February 14th.

Thank you.

Awards Committee

Thanks, Marcel. And, were we supposed to tell them about the black helicopters watching the deliveries? :stuck_out_tongue: :shock: :smiley:

Cool! Can these books be customized too?

I can’t remember which week I won?

If you click on your name above, you can choose "Find all posts by John Olson. Then, you can search through there.

Thanks Larry

You won on 08/30/15 and again on 11/16/15.

Just state the date you won and did not receive your books.


Thank you Marcel for doing this it is a great learning tool. Thanks again, John

You’re Welcome.