Question Of The Week March 19

Congrats to William Forrest for winning this week’s set!
MSRE Home Inspection Services in Cleveland

  1. Which of the following can be a source of electricity?
    a) Friction
    b) Pressure
    c) Heat
    d) Light
    e) Chemical action
    f) a-b-c
    g) all of the above

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2) Grounds or a short circuit can be all of the following except
a) Solid
b) Contracted
c) Floating
d) Partial
e) M95 Mask
b - e

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3) When a much larger than required size wire is used on circuit a breaker, it is not a hazard. If some of the strands are cut to fit the connection it is a hazard.
This is known as _______
Ahhhhh! The good 'ol GE days

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4) To avoid __________ the foundations should be taken beyond the depth up to which rainwater cannot reach.
a) Unequal settlement of the soil
b) Horizontal movement of the earth
c) Atmospheric action
d) Withdrawal of moisture from the sub-soil
Explanation: Atmospheric action results in heavy rains or considerable variations in temperature or Frost action may damage the foundations. Hence the foundations are made at sufficient depth up to which rainwater cannot come in contact with it.

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5) What the hell is this all about?

It’s OK folks, not the normal fixture you see unless you’re in some kinda fancy/schmancy place

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Who SANG THIS ON what SONG? ha ha
I forget what I should say
I forget what I should do
Patty Loveless - I Try To Think About Elvis 1994
On October 21, 1992 Loveless had corrective throat surgery. For the next nine weeks, she could neither sing nor talk. Her husband, in order to communicate with her, attempted to teach Loveless Morse Code, as well as using pen and paper with yellow Post-It notes.

On her 36th birthday, January 4, 1993, Loveless re-entered her professional life by performing at the Grand Ole Opry. She had fully recovered, although her voice was changed by the surgery. It had a deeper, fuller quality which enhanced her career over the following years

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Great questions Marc! :smile:

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Congrats William!

Congratulations Bill.

Way to go William!:

Most Excellent

Good job, William!

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Great Quiz questions this week. Congratulations William. Well done.

Thanks Guys.

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OK FINE! Since the banishment the QOTW are fun & mellow again! :smiley:

Take it away Goofy Steve The Cab Driver
You ask partial questions, claim the wrong answers as correct, arbitrarily disqualify - and /or qualify answers and contestants. I am here to learn and add. If you’re not careful, you might learn something, (like water does actually contract when cooled before it expands). Propagating false information to feed your fragile ego does no one, (you, I, or the other members) a bit of good other than to show them that you are petty.

Marcel (my hero) Response
Marc is not propagating false information, you are trying to hard to come up with scientific information and technical information to prove him wrong when a simple answer in everyone’s mind is a simple one.
“As water cools from 4 to 0 degrees Celsius, it expands because it’s crystallizing into ice.”
Without going to the lab, it expands. Simple answer.
Marc goes through extensive labor, Free I Might Add, and out of his way to help everyone here learn new things and help all to do there own research that also helps them in their inspection needs. There is no room here for insults to the people that put this together.
The answers on Google can vary dramatically all depending on how you request and type in the questions.
There is no need to get upset on your incorrect answers and insulting the Member posting the questions.
The InterNACHI Awards Committee is the final authority of issuance of any award the committee offers.

The Banishment ~ never to be eligible

And finally, a joke!
What’s the first thing goofy Steve says when he knocks on your door?
Uber Eats pizza delivery is here!

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Congratulations Bill!

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